Progress and Excerpt

So…. I’m about 17k into the 6th draft here… but it’s the 1st draft with all the new characters spliced in. (I’ve got ~28k written of the old stuff… so I’m actually making good progress with the editing.)

I’ve got 7 chapters’ worth of stuff that’s edited now, out of 15. Then I get to start writing NEW WORDS. (Okay, I have actually started writing the new words… when I’m bored. At my desk. I’m writing two parts of this book at the same time. Madness. Lunacy, I tell you.)

Anyway. Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 4, “The ‘L’ Word”


“So. You and Pasta.”

“I still can’t believe he lets you guys call him that.”

“He likes it.”

“So I’ve noticed. You’d better be glad he does, he could take you apart if you ever made him angry.”

“You would know about him taking people apart, I guess.”

“Did Elias Henderson Gary just make a dirty joke? Call the papers, I demand space on page fucking one.”

“Haha, Zach. Seriously, I’m glad you guys are spending time together. He’s happy.”

“Thanks, Henders. It’s not serious though, we’re just… you know. It’s not like it’s a real relationship.”

“You both fly cross-country twice a month.”

“So would you if the sex was that good. You share that sweet condo with Derby, you don’t have to rack up the frequent flyer miles.”

“I still travel for roadies. And you two skype as often as we do.”

“He’s pretty to look at.”

“Your pets are friends. In real life and on Instagram.”

“If you’re gonna talk shit about my snake, Henders, our friendship really will be over.”

“Sorry. Darwin’s adorable.”

“Damn fucking straight he is.”

“I saw the posts with the ‘American Tail’ costumes. Nice.”

“Pasta thought that was so great. Russian mice in New York. I think it’s his new favorite movie. He said it was representing both of us. The pics were his idea. Now he wants to go as Feivel for Halloween next month.”

“Are you flying here for that?”

“Maybe. I’d kill to see him in that costume.”

“Okay, Zach. Just… whatever you two are calling this, make sure you’re on the same page.”

“He knows. I’ve said from the beginning, I don’t do relationships. Well. Y’know. Whatever we were or are… whatever it was. No offense, but it didn’t work out for either of us. Best not to go down that road again, right?”

“I know, Zach. And I agree with you, we weren’t… well, we just weren’t. Not really. And even though we figured that out the hard way, I’d like to think we’re past the worst of it.”

“Just look at us, all adulting and shit, bro.”

“Ha, next thing you know, we’ll be yelling at kids to get off our lawns. Just… whatever you guys started as, and whatever you are now… I know you. And him. And I care about both of you. I just want both of you to be happy.”

“Sure, man. It’s not like he’s my fucking boyfriend though, Henders. We’re not a couple. I know you’re practically married to Derby, and I’m really happy it’s working out. For reals, I am. But it’s not for everyone, okay?”



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