New News! And book 2!

I know it’s been a while… I hope 2018 is treating you right so far!

The full manuscript for “From Russia With Benefits” is finished, and I’m searching around for a home for it. I know you’re all going to love it, so I hope I find one soon.

I’m hard at work on book 2 for the hockey LGBTQ romance series… and I’ve shifted the team rosters a bit for the Mustangs and the Catamounts.

“Benefits” was just the beginning for these boys… Sure, Ilya and Zach rocked the hockey world when they both came out. And even though they’re working themselves back to happy-ever-after, the NHL doesn’t change overnight.

Greg Rington has kept his boyfriend a secret for the last four years, only recently coming out as bisexual to a few of his college buddies and some of his team. After a conversation with Greg’s ex (Seth, who plays for the Cats – jeez, closeted hockey is a small world), his current boyfriend Wes Potter starts to rethink his choices… or lack thereof.

On an impulse, he makes one choice that changes his whole world.



The names highlighted in yellow are going to be the main cast for Book 2!

(spoiler alert: Logan Bonakowski is going to be the romantic lead for Book 3. Better dust off those moves, Boner! 😀 )




And here’s the big six for the Greensboro Mustangs! Ilya is the main guy here, but he loves his team very much, so expect to see them around. Watch out for Remy… he may be small, but he’s fast!

Ilya, “Pasta”: 6’5″
Peter, “Remy”: 5’8″
Elias, “Elly”: 6’0″
Casper (who actually goes by his given name): 6’1″
Hugo, “Karlo”: 5’11”
Isak, “Stromy”: 6’2″