And here’s the big six for the Greensboro Mustangs! Ilya is the main guy here, but he loves his team very much, so expect to see them around. Watch out for Remy… he may be small, but he’s fast!

Ilya, “Pasta”: 6’5″
Peter, “Remy”: 5’8″
Elias, “Elly”: 6’0″
Casper (who actually goes by his given name): 6’1″
Hugo, “Karlo”: 5’11”
Isak, “Stromy”: 6’2″




Team rosters for the fictional NHL organizations in the new book… these boys will make up the majority of the main and supporting casts!

Two most important protagonists:

Ilya “Pasta” Pasternak, Greensboro Mustangs
Zachary “Marsher” Marshall, Portland Catamounts