Inciting Incident


So the thing that gets the ball rolling here is Ilya deciding to come out… and Zachary deciding to come out… on the same day. At the same time.

They didn’t plan this.

No really, they didn’t. Because they don’t actually know each other.

But you know the press. Two NHL stars kicking down the closet door on the same night? Clearly something going on between them. They must be absolutely in love, no matter how many times they deny it.


Planning this out is hard, as the two (technically three, if you count Zach’s before and after-game pressers) conferences are on opposite coasts, with a 3hr time difference between them.

And looking up the average time for an NHL game, what the schedules would realistically be, when puck drop actually happens… a whole bunch of stuff. And the subsequent twitter DMs these two send each other afterwards.

Thank goodness for excel.